Semitica was founded in 1948 by the Institute of Semitic Studies, now at the College of France. Semitica covers all branches of Semitic studies: linguistics, philology, history, archaeology, epigraphy, and all areas of the Semitic world, ancient and modern, as well as related fields.

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English contributions are welcome and will be peer-reviewed by two members of our editorial board. Please submit .DOC(X) or .RTF files only (together with a PDF output), using Unicode fonts and automatic footnotes. Authors are free to use their preferred manual of style (Chicago, SBL…), but must be consistent throughout their paper. You may use the SemiticaStyle.doc template, which contains styles and guidelines (in PDF format: SemiticaStyle.pdf). If you want to include photographs, do not embed them in your document, but submit them in their original format (TIFF, PSD, PNG, JPEG…), as separate high-definition files; you can then mention in your document where you want a certain image to be placed, together with its caption.

Please do not hesitate to contact me!
Michael Langlois,
Scientific Editor.

Articles récents

Semitica 61

Semitica 61, édité par Michael Langlois sous la direction de Thomas Römer. Leuven, Peeters, 2019. 458 p.

  • Michaël Guichard. De Larsa à Mari (I) : nouvelles incantations paléo-babyloniennes. p. 5
  • William M. Schniedewind. The Gezer Calendar as an Adaptation of the Mesopotamian Lexical Tradition (Ura 1). p. 15
  • Michael Langlois. The Kings, the City and the House of David on the Mesha Stele in Light of New Imaging Techniques. p. 23
  • Anat Mendel-Geberovich & Mitka R. Golub. The Tel ʿEton Bulla: A Revised Reading and Some Onomastic Remarks. p. 49
  • Nadav Naʾaman. The Isaac Story (Genesis 26) and the Land of Gerar. p. 59
  • Jaeyoung Jeon. Egyptian Iconography and the Battle with Amalek (Exodus 17:8-16) Revisited. p. 89
  • François Bron. La collection d’antiquités sudarabiques de François Antonovich. p. 117
  • Laurent Capron. Deux fragments d’épîtres pauliniennes (1 Thess. et 1 Cor.) en araméen christopalestinien. p. 127
  • Gaby Abousamra. An Incantation Bowl from the Matenadaran. p. 139
  • Giancarlo Toloni. « Babel und Bibel ». The Scientific Work of Luigi Cagni. p. 147
  • Valérie Matoïan. Ougarit, depuis déjà 90 ans. p. 159
  • Michel al-Maqdissi. Les fouilles de Ras Shamra-Ougarit dans le contexte de la « question archéologique syrienne » durant la première décennie du mandat français (1919-1929). p. 163
  • Aurélie Carbillet & Valérie Matoïan. Les pointes de « flèches à percussion » d’Ougarit. p. 185
  • Valérie Matoïan & Bernard Geyer. La coupe RS 26.318 et la vaisselle en serpentinite d’Ougarit. p. 215
  • Corinne Lanoir. Quand les femmes apparaissent sur des ânes ; de quelques ambassades féminines à Ougarit et dans la Bible hébraïque. p. 235
  • Nicolas Jacob-Rousseau & Bernard Geyer. Habitat, bâti et aménagements ruraux dans la plaine de Ras Shamra au début du XXe siècle. p. 265
  • Papers delivered at the workshop “Memory as Capital in Iron Age Levant and Beyond” held in Paris, 23–24 February 2018
  • Sarah Lange-Weber. Shaping the Collective Memory at (Collective?) Grave Sites: The Representation of Death as a Tool for Creating Shared Memories in the Late Bronze Age and Iron Age Northern Levant. p. 295
  • Laura Battini. Consented Violence in the Collective Memory: the Lachish Case from Epigraphic and Iconographic Data. p. 337
  • Matthieu Richelle. Cultural Memory from Israel to Judah. p. 373
  • Virginia R. Herrmann. The Reuse of Orthostats and Manipulation of Memory in the Iron Age Syro-Hittite Kingdoms. p. 399
  • Tatiana Pedrazzi. The Construction of a New Collective Memory in Phoenicia as a Response to Achaemenid Power. Material Culture as an “Objectified Cultural Capital”. p. 441
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